Cages must meet the minimum requirements.
5000sqcm for syrians, 4000sqcm for dwarf hamsters.

Viking Laser creates screens and guards for wired enclosures so that you can easily convert a barred cage into a tank style cage.


Wheels must meet the minimum requirements.
28cm diameter for syrians, 21cm diameter for dwarf hamsters.

Getzoo Wheel

Hopes Healthy Treats

Tic Tac Wheels

Savic Rolly Giant


A species appropriate mix should contain 25 – 45 ingredients.

Cutest Milo 2

Maxi Zoo Real Nature Syrian

Maxi Zoo Real Nature Dwarf

GetZoo Syrian

GetZoo Dwarf

Mixerama Syrian Mix

Mixerama Dwarf Mix

Bunni Dream Syrian

Bunni Dream Dwarf 

Rodipet Syrian Mixes

Rodipet Dwarf Mixes


Bedding depth must meet the minimum requirements.
20cm for syrians, 15cm for dwarf hamsters.

Small Pet Select Aspen and Paper bedding – use code HAMSTERINFOIRELAND at checkout to let them know who sent you!

Kaytee Clean & Cosy 85L

Hope’s Coloured Paper Bedding


Mixable substrates should be added to the main substrate to reinforce burrow stability


Additional substrates should add to the level of enrichment in your enclosure.
Sand is necessary for a hamsters well being.


Multi Chamber Hides replicate hamster burrows in the wild. Other hides are useful to place around the cage for additional cover.


Stimulating activity toys and forage sprays help keep your hamsters mind healthy as well as their body.


It’s not just our hamsters that deserve a second chance! There are always enclosures, wheels and other hamster products that need a new home too!
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