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Hamster Info Ireland Mission Statement

We are committed to preventing cruelty and promoting the proper care of hamsters. Through our activities, we aim to reduce hamster suffering and increase hamster well being as much as possible.

Our Welfare Principles
Our animal welfare work is based on the “5 freedoms”:
– Freedom from hunger and thirst
– Freedom from discomfort
– Freedom from pain, injury and disease
– Freedom to express normal behaviour
– Freedom from fear and distress

How we deliver this part of our mission:
We deliver our mission by applying our welfare principles through the work of our educational website and rehoming service to rescue and rehabilitate all hamsters that come into our care and to then rehome them where this is in their best interests.

Our aim is to educate people on proper hamster care, which has evolved exponentially over the last 30 years. By constantly updating resources such as our website and sharing content across our social media platforms, we hope to make hamster care more widespread and easily accessible.

Our aim is never to turn away a hamster in need of our help – this means we are committed to a non-selective intake policy. Subject to space, but irrespective of species, condition, age, temperament or health, we will open our doors to those animals in need of care, and we will do all we can to rehome them into loving new homes.

When we rescue animals, we receive them through our network of foster homes from members of the public. We prioritise our intake to give the greatest help to the most vulnerable hamsters, including:
– Sick, injured or “at risk” animals
– Unwanted animals
– Abused and neglected animals

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