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Department of Agriculture Sale/Supply of Animals Registration Number: FPT200157C

Date of Birth: Approx. November 2023
Species: Russian Dwarf (Hybrid)
Gender: Male

Pancake is a spritely young boy who loves his wheel. So far, he’s enjoying all the new smells and textures his foster enclosure has to offer, he seems very adventurous and likes having lots to explore. Pancake is still quite skittish but we’re sure with the right enrichment and stimulation, he’ll calm down enough to trust a caring hand.

Current Location: Cork

Date of Birth: Approx. October 2023
Species: Russian Dwarf (Hybrid)
Gender: Male

Rain is a lovely young boy who would love an enormous sand bath. He loves his wheel a little too much, once he’s gone for his daily run, he’ll cuddle into his beloved wheel for a nap. Rain isn’t completely hand tame yet but we’re certain with a little more time, he’ll be climbing up for cuddles soon enough.

Rain comes with a large glass tank enclosure. A custom built raised lid will be provided that will have to be paid for prior to collection – €50

Current Location: Athy, Co. Kildare

Date of Birth: Approx. January 2023
Species: Russian Dwarf (Hybrid)
Gender: Male

Pringles was surrendered to us from his previous home due to biting. Since being in our foster care, we can tell he’s a misunderstood little guy who is actually very inquisitive and interactive. He will come out to when he hears you nearby and loves to play with anything new in his enclosure. With the right owner, he will make an amazing little pet.

Current Location: Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Date of Birth: Unknown Approx. Mid 2023
Species: Russian Dwarf (Hybrid)
Gender: Male

Forest is a plump little boy that loves to dig! He’s very calm and would do very well in any home.
All he asks is that you provide plenty of different substrates for him to dirty his face in! Forest loves attention and comes out each evening for a cuddle during playtime.

Current Location: Dublin 7

Date of Birth: Approx July 2023
Species: Syrian
Gender: Female

Lavender is a Satin long-haired Syrian who loves to cuddle. She’d love a home that can play with her every evening. She certainly needs an enriching enclosure and is a little demon for demanding treats, but we can’t fault her there!

Current Location: Athy

Date of Birth: 28th December 2022
Species: Roborovski Dwarf
Gender: Male

Our Valentine baby Romeo has been looking for his forever home for over a year now. He’s nervous and shy like his littermates so would suit a mature owner who will take taming at his own pace. Romeo would make a great pet for the right home and would provide hours of entertainment as he races about his enclosure.

Current Location: Dublin 7

Date of Birth: Approx November 2023
Species: Roborovski
Gender: Male

Cosmo is a typical roborovski at the moment, still quite skittish from being mishandled by his previous owners. He can definitely be tempted by food but will need someone who understands him and can be patient with his taming.

Current Location: Magherafelt, UK

Date of Birth: Approx November 2023
Species: Russian Dwarf Hybrid
Gender: Female

Wanda is a very curious little girl who loves her sand bath, so much that she wants her sand everywhere! Wanda has come on leaps and bounds with her foster home, she sits waiting for her broccoli and is always eager to come out for a cuddle.

Current Location: Dublin 8

AVAILABLE (Not in our Network)

Date of Birth: Approx September 2023
Species: Roborovski
Gender: Male

Hamster Info Ireland is assisting in the private rehoming. The hamster is not in our care and applications will be forwarded to the owner for consideration. Hamster Info Ireland is not responsible for the care, current condition, accuracy of the provided information, or handover arrangements for this hamster.

Current Location: Belfast


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