Registered Charity No. 20206484


Hamster Info Ireland is a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland.
Donations made are used for the upkeep of the foster hamsters in our care.
Thank you for donating!

Registered Charity No. 20206484

As a Patreon member, your subscription payments are directly contributing to our rescue efforts and helping us provide the best possible care for these furry little creatures while they’re with us. Your membership unlocks exclusive behind-the-scenes content and a regular newsletter for members only. You’ll get an inside look at our rescue work, learn more about hamster care, and stay up-to-date on all our latest news and events.

Donate what you can in a safe and secure way! PayPal can be a great way to make quick regular donations if you have an account!

You can send us physical items that will be used for our foster hamsters. Our wishlist can also be used to help owners find suitable products for their own hamsters!

Turning the cost of cards into donations for charities that rely on giving.
We’ve created special hamster themed E-Cards for you to send to your loved ones for every occasion and donate the cost to Hamster Info Ireland. 


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