Eros' Story

This year, we are sharing the story of each of our 2024 charity calendar stars each month so you can learn more about the hamster behind each photo. Eros is our featured hamster for the month of April. Eros was one of 8 babies born at Hamster Info Ireland after his parents were surrendered to us. 

In December 2022, we received a surrender form from a family who had bought a Syrian hamster. This hamster had escaped and they were unable to find her. Their child missed their hamster, so they bought Jingle and Belle, the Roborovskis. After spending 2 months in the walls of the house, the original Syrian shows up, and their child no longer wants the Roborovskis. We agreed to take them in. 

On collection, we realised we may have a pregnancy on our hands, Jingle and Belle were being kept in the same cage. When Sophie got them home, they were immediately separated and Belle went on pregnancy watch. Two weeks later, on December 28th, 8 tiny jellybeans were born, one of whom was little Eros. We knew they’d be ready for adoption near Valentine’s Day, so we decided their names would have to suit the holiday. 

Roborovski hamsters are skittish at the best of times, so they’re very difficult to rehome. As they got older, Eros and his siblings were adopted out or distributed among the Hamster Info Ireland foster network. Eros landed on his feet in Northern Ireland with fosterer Tina. Eros waited many months for his chance at a foster home, but sadly many adopters chose Syrians and Russian Dwarf hamsters instead, as they seemed more appealing than a skittish robo. 

Eventually Eros and his brothers Romeo and Amoretto were the only three remaining from the litter. We then received an adoption application from Adam who was looking to rehome a hamster in need. He was open to adopting a hamster who was in desperate need of a home, so of course we suggested Eros. We were so happy when Adam said ‘yes’, and soon Eros was packing his bags off to his forever home.

Adam tells us Eros can still be skittish at times but has really grown in confidence, to the point where he will now wait patiently for feeding time! He’ll rush over when he hears the enclosure lid opening ready to accept any treats on offer. It’s safe to say Eros has landed firmly on his feet in his new home and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Next month, learn about Clementine, from our Fruity litter.

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