Proper hamster care can be quite expensive at the beginning. Investing in your hamsters set up is the best thing you can do, it will pay off in the long run.
There are some things you shouldn’t cut corners on and some things you can, we discuss hamster care on a budget here.

But there’s one store in particular that is great for buying things on a budget – IKEA. Their large range of products made from natural materials means you can kit out your hamsters enclosure with safe, budget friendly items. From platforms, to dig boxes, hides and chews, you can certainly make an enriching environment with the products we’re going to talk about.

Platforms – Platforms are an essential item in a hamsters enclosure. They ensure that heavy items like dig boxes and wheels stay above the substrate. Hamsters are known to burrow under these items and make them sink, causing wheels to be useless and posing a danger if a dig box was to collapse a burrow. 
What items are on offer that we can use as platforms?

STOLTHET – €15 – bamboo

This is a small platform that could be used on top of larger platforms to add a bit more depth to the “hamsterscape”.

Ireland – UK – USA

ÖGONTRÖST – €2.50 – bamboo Originally, this is supposed to hold a large glass jar, so it’s more than strong enough to hold a dig box.

Ireland – UK – USA

LÄMPLIG – €15 – bamboo

Creating a platform out of chopping boards is a really inexpensive option. Just drill holes and add dowels!

Ireland– UK – USA

VARIERA – €4.50-€7 – assorted sizes

These metal shelf inserts come in a few different sizes, you could play around with a few different options.

Ireland – UK – USA

KNUFF – €8 – wood – 2 pack.

These magazine files can be modified quite a bit with a lick of paint and 100 wooden dowels. It can turn into quite the craft project but the end result is worth it.

Ireland – UK – USA

Digging Boxes – Providing your hamster with different textures is a brilliant way to make their enclosure as enriching as possible. Us humans like to keep things neat and tidy, whereas our hamsters might have other ideas.
To keep substrates contained makes it easier on us to clean, and IKEA have so many different types of storage solutions that we’re spoilt for choice.

UTSÅDD– €7 – Ceramic

Ireland – UK – USA

TRUMMIS – €7-€13 – Rattan – assorted sizes

Ireland – UK – USA

MJÖLKKANNA – €11-€15 – Bamboo – assorted sizes

Ireland – UK – USA

NOJIG – €1.25  – recycled plastic

Ireland – UK – USA

UPPDATERA – €9-€12 – Bamboo – assorted iszes

Ireland – UK – USA

TAVELÅN – €12 – Bamboo – 2 pack

Ireland – UK – USA

VÄXTHUS – €15 – Sedge/Grass – 2 pack

Ireland – UK – USA

Mats/Coasters – Your hamster will love you for providing natural “rugs”. IKEAs natural products include cork, water hyacinth and sedge placemats and coasters. They can be added to the top of your new platforms to give them a pop of natural aesthetic.

GALLSOPP – €6 – Sedge/Grass – 4 pack

These are great to turn into boredom breakers – check out this dream catcher chew made with dried fruit/veg and sisal string.

Ireland – UK – USA

IKEA 365+ – €1.50 – cork- 2 pack

An easy fresh food dish that your hamster can nibble if they so please.

Ireland – UK – USA

SOARÉ – €5 – water hyacinth

Placemats make great area rugs

Ireland – UK – USA

IHÅLLIG – €5 – seagrass

Add a placemat to a platform for extra texture.

Ireland – UK – USA

Tea light holders make adorable little water bowls, you can also use them for treating your hamster to some fresh food!

Some items are a little more niche in their function, check out what the below items can be used for.

SUSIG – €7 – cork

The susig desk pad is great for wrapping barred enclosures to reduce risk of bar climbing and chewing.
Watch how to wrap a cage here.

Ireland– UK – USA

FAGNING – €2 – cork

This cork phone holder would make a great forage toy! Just sprinkle some treats into the grooves and keep your hamster entertained at dinner time.

Ireland– UK 

SAMLA- €19 – plastic

The largest SAMLAstorage bin can be used as a hospital/quarantine enclosure. You will have to DIY a lid with mesh to allow sufficient airflow

Ireland– UK – USA

The products listed above are a guide and there are a lot more items at IKEA that could be used in your hamsters enclosure. The easiest way to browse is by choosing a natural material and searching the IKEA website for that material – you’ll be offered a wide range of products, all safe and natural – it’s up to you and your imagination to turn it into something for your hamster!

Here is an example of using IKEA products together!

The ceramic UTSÅDD bowl and the ÖGONTRÖST stand are an affordable way of providing a large sand bath (€7) with a sturdy stand (€2.50) to ensure it doesn’t sink into the bedding!

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