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Jasper’s Story

Justice for Jasper Our third surrender within two weeks is one that’ll stay with the team for quite some time. A 2 year old Roborovski named Jasper.Jasper’s owner admitted to impulsively buying him two years ago, but recently, wasn’t able to care for him the way he needed. They had noticed he had developed “inflamed

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Mocha’s Story

This year, we are sharing the story of each of our 2024 charity calendar stars each month so you can learn more about the hamster behind each photo. February’s hamster is the very photogenic Mocha. Mocha, is a stunning longhaired Syrian hamster who was part of our well-known ‘Barista’ rescue.  Last September, Mocha was rescued

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Substrate Depth

To maximise the potential of a hamster enclosure, we should be filling it with the maximum amount of substrate it can hold. Hamsters are burrowing animals – it’s what they love to do! Making deep burrows is a key form of enrichment for our pets that replicates their wild behaviour. It also means your hamster

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